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Butte Theater Cripple Creek Thin Air Theater Company
Reservations: 719-689-3247
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2017 Season Information - Show dates, ticket prices

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Get your Season Tickets now to fill your 2017 with the excitement of Thin Air Theatre Company
shows at The Butte. They also make great holiday an birthday gifts!

You get to select any 5 of the 6 TATC 2017 shows listed below AND get a 15% discount on those 5
shows. You will select which shows, performances and your seat(s) at the time of purchase. If
something comes up later on...no worries, as you can easily exchange your seat(s) for another
performance at a later date.
Butte Theater in Cripple Creek
Butte Theater
139 E. Bennett Ave.
Cripple Creek, CO
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