Light the Butte!

Our lights are dimming and we need your help! Much like our dear old opera house, our lighting system is getting very old. And it is not aging well. Our dimmer rack is slowly dying. Without a dimmer rack, we cannot power the lights. You may have seen this already this season when, mid-show, our lights will dim for just a mili-second. This is from the dimmer rack!

We’ve run estimates on how to best move forward with the system. Right now, our lighting system is mostly incandescent lighting. And to replace our same model of dimmer rack (which is pretty out of date) costs a whopping $65,000. So, we came up with a better plan. We’re going to replace half of our lights with an LED setup. A half LED / half incandescent system is the most common setup in contemporary theaters. The LED’s allow us to purchase a modern, cheaper dimmer rack and to be more energy efficient, but incandescent lights give us a lot of control over all the fading and customization that help mood light our shows! It’s a good setup and one that will really help propel The Butte’s experience quality.

Here is our cost breakdown

Equipment: $76,800

Transportation: $1,700

Electrical Installation: $2,500

Total: $81,000

Yea, we were a little intimidated by that number as well. But, never fear! We’re receiving lots of help!

City of Cripple Creek has pledged $30,000

We have a $30,000 grant in review (wish us luck)

We’re targeting $21,000 in individual and business contributions!

With your gift we can continue to provide the quality of performances we have become known for, and continue to grow our programming and services. Every little bit helps! Thank you so much for your continued support and patronage of The Butte — we cannot do anything we do without you!

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Thank you so much to all of our friends who’ve already donated. We often feel that we have one of the best theatre community’s in the world, with the amount of love and support we feel on a daily basis. And the gifts we’ve received for our campaign only reinforce that belief. Thank you!!

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