The Mystery of Irma Vep

By Charles Ludlam

This hilarious spoof of Gothic melodrama is a quick -change extravaganza in which two actors play all of the roles! A vampire, an Eqyptian princess brought to life when her tomb is opened, a kind werewolf, make this comedy an evening of hilarity, intrigue, and pure delight!

“This is the kind of fun that gets people hooked on theater in the first place.” – Zachary Stewart, TheatreMania

The Mystery of Irma Vep at the Butte Theater

June 8 – June 17

Family Night!

Every Friday

Youth tickets are 50% off and include a free popcorn!

Locals Weekend!

Do you live in Cripple Creek or Victor? Call Mel at the Box Office for your super cool “Locals Discount” on opening weekend! 719-689-6402

  • "With its joyful embrace of melodramatic theater and cinema, it's easy to see why Irma Vep borrows freely from Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca, Wuthering Heights, Shakespeare, Victorian penny dreadfuls, and the entire canon of American vampire, mummy, and werewolf movies. It is simultaneously subversive of and tributary to all these forms, resulting in a theatrical smorgasbord that will have you rolling in the aisles."

  • Far and away the funniest two hours on a New York stage... What more meaningful gift could Ludlam bequeath [audiences] than to leave them eternally laughing.

    The New York Times
  • "A really good laugh... The story has to be seen to be believed." -The New York Post

    The New York Post
  • "A true vaudeville tour de farce... It's wonderful."

  • "Lunatic fun that keeps you in stitches."

    The New York Daily News
  • "A hearty mixture of thrills, laughter and extravagant showmanship."

    The Village Voice

The Cast

Lady Enid Hillcrest : Christopher Joel Onken 

Lord Edgar Hillcrest : Levi Penley 

Nicodemus Underwood : Christopher Joel Onken 

Jane Twisden : Levi Penley 

An Intruder : Levi Penley 

Alcazar : Christopher Joel Onken 

Pev Amri : Christopher Joel Onken 

Irma Vep : ??? 

The Crew

Director : Kyle Dean Steffen 

Set Design : Jim Reed 

Light Design : Aaron Stahlecker 

Costume Design : Nancy Hankin 

Stage Manager : Victoria Dixon

Production Assistant : Mike Green

Dressers : Clayton Avery, Kelli Dodd 


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